Historic Neighbourhoods in Barrie, ON

Recently, the City of Barrie has put into place a plan to develop strategies for some of Barrie's more historic neighbourhoods.  I think this is a great community outreach program that has  involved individuals and families living in those particular areas. By involving residents, sense of community is strengthened.  The Historic Neighbourhood Strategy worked to gather photographs from residents, as well as their thoughts about the specific characteristics of where they live.

When you go to the site, if you click on "Neighbourhood Profile" you will see a map that outlines the various neighbourhoods, as well as the neighbourhood "names".  (For some reason, the East End was not included)  Then, you can click on each neighbourhood and learn more.  There is VERY interesting information presented. There are also statistics from a survey that was given to area residents. Lastly, there is a page that describes how you can get involved.  In fact, tomorrow (October 31, 2009) a Community Committee Member will be at the Barrie Farmer's Market at City Hall between 8 -12 p.m.

Kudos to Barrie for organizing such a site.  I hope in the future, they will continue to add neighbourhoods.  Again, this will give residents a way to feel heard by the "powers that be" in Barrie, as well as gaining a strong sense of community.  I look forward to learning more about this project as it continues. 

To look at the site for yourself, go to http://www.hns.barrie.ca/Default.aspx Also, when you are at the site, make sure you check out the photo section, as there are lovely pix of our beautiful city!

Until next time! Jamie

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