Holy Spirit Parish

Holy Spirit Parish is almost ready to open it's new church doors in few short months.  

As a longtime member of the Parish and member of the Special Projects Committee at the Holy Spirit Parish, I am up-to-date with all the exciting new developments and front and centre with next special projects.  

What's on my plate right now is the design and execution of the interior decor of our Parish Offices, Library and the Parish Hall.  My former Interior Decorator training comes in handy here and I feel like a fish in the water!  Love the process and feel honored that I was trusted with this responsibility.  Can't wait to get my hands dirty in two months!  (I am now searching for talented ladies from our Parish to get involved with the execution of those projects starting November - please contact me if you can help with sewing among other things) 

Our Parish has been raising money for the building fund of this new church building ever since the Holy Spirit Mission was converted into a Parish many years ago.  Such projects require sums that sometimes feel overwhelming, but together... here we are with a beautiful church almost ready to open it's doors.  

There are quite a few stages that will still require finishing and in fact we are looking forward to approaching those projects over next few years.  It is understandable that donations from the parishioners and from the community will still be required and since every little bit helps I am offering my Clients an opportunity to help with our Holy Spirit Parish building and finishing projects.  

I will designate a portion of my personal commission, (between $500 and $1000 - depending on the commission structure chosen by the Client) from EACH purchase and sale that I work on until the church is completely finished,  towards one specific project within the church property chosen by my Clients.  Parish Pastor, Fr. Tad Walczyk will be notified about my Client's wishes and their names and I will make sure that the money goes towards their specifically chosen project.   

Upcoming projects include the:

-design and furnishing of the Parish Office

-painting, lighting, flooring, window coverings, furnishings of the Parish Hall

-furnishing of the Kitchen and storage areas

-the Living Wall

-Library design, furnishings and books

-Baptismal Fountain 

-Indoor and outdoor praying and playing areas

and many, many more beautiful, meaningful projects that will become an amazing legacy to our children and their children.  

I'm proud and deeply moved each time I step into the church building (which is still under construciton, and already speaks to me in such a beautiful way) to be a part of this wonderful community and the legacy that we are building together.  

Please contact me for more information at 705-794-6482

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