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Home Inspection F.A.Q.’s During the past 9 years of performing home inspections in Barrie, home buyers typically ask the very same questions over and over again. Many clients are unsure of the actual purpose of a home inspection and also what information they will receive. Did it pass? Is the most common question clients ask when we conclude a home inspection. Here are the Questions and Answers that I provide as the Barrie Home Inspector. Q. #1 What is a home inspection? A. A home inspection is an objective visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a house, from the roof to the foundation. If a problem or a symptom of a problem is found the home inspector will include a description of the problem in a written report and may recommend further evaluation. Q. #2 Why Should I Get a Home Inspection? A. For most families buying a home will be the biggest investment they will make. Protect yourself against unpleasant surprises such as buried oil tanks, structural problems, poor workmanship and potential failure of any of your homes major components. Pre-inspection inspections are becoming more popular for consumer savvy sellers. The are presenting their home in the best possible light as they have already identified and repaired all those nagging little maintenance issues which show up in every home inspection. Q. #3 What if the Home Inspection Report reveals a lot of problems? A. Every home has problems. Anything built by humans is prone to errors. Most of the time problems found during a home inspection are minor in nature and simply require maintenance. Major problems may require a professional contractor and price re-negotiation. Q. #4 What is inspected or “Covered” in a Home Inspection? A. A home inspection is a visual nondestructive examination of the readily accessible systems and structure of your home from the roof to the foundation. It is not a warranty or insurance program but a means to help you understand the condition of the home you plan to purchase. The inspection includes but is not limited to the following items: Exterior, Roof, Crawlspace, Attic, Electrical System, Heating and Air Systems, Interior, Insulation and Ventilation, Plumbing and Fireplace. VISIT LINKS ABOVE FOR ACTUAL DEFECT PICTURES OF INSPECTIONS In Ontario the Barrie Home Inspector provides WETT Inspection services as part of the Home Inspection process. Most insurance companies will require an inspection by a WETT Certified Technician prior to insuring your home. Q. #5 What a Home Inspection does not include? A. A home inspection does not include protection against future failures of any of the buildings systems or components. The home inspection does not identify concealed or latent defects or existence of hazardous materials or air quality. Your home does not pass or fail a home inspection, it is simply a list of items that require repair, replacement or maintenance as discovered by a trained professional. Most professional home inspector’s do not provide estimates for any work required to repair deficiencies. Q. #6 Who should attend the Home Inspection? A. The Buyer should attend the Home Inspection and stick to the Home Inspector like glue. This is valuable information about your new home and you should avail yourself of the Home Inspectors’ Expertise and Knowledge. Remember, your Home Inspector gets paid whether you buy the house of not, and will provide you with all the information you require to make an educated decision. If you are buying an older home that has had many additions or renovation etc. it might be a wise decision to have the home owner available to answer questions about what and how the work was done. I have found that some home sellers are a wealth of knowledge about the history of some homes. Q. #7 What about add-on options to Home Inspection? A. Many “Rookie” inspectors choose to supplement their home inspection income by selling “third party” add-ons. This include any or everything that can be insured, with the Home Inspector receiving a commission for every policy sold. This type of product may or may not be right for you, this is a personal decision and the product should be carefully reviewed prior to enrollment. Q. #8 Who should I hire as my Home Inspector? A. Anyone planning to buy a home should research their local home inspectors. You should be looking for one with a lot of experience and a background in the building industry. Phone some inspectors and ask them about their background, how long have they been doing home inspections, ask for some referrals from previous clients and above all ask them what professional training they have. Some home inspectors have only part time college courses and online diplomas for their professional pedigree. Always remember: Caveat Emptor = Buyer Beware

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