How I Met "The Breeder"

The first thing we saw when we walked inside is a swarm of yappy Pomeranian dogs. Now this was a small townhouse, maybe 1000 sf at its best, and a tiny yard to match, so when I say swarm, I literally mean that this house was infested with tiny yappy dogs. My first thought was, Pomeranian’s, those are not frenchies. Then, at the end of the hall, in the kitchen, behind a home made 4 foot plywood gate, I see or rather hear a very excited French bulldog jumping up and down, desperately trying to escape. I quickly introduce myself to the excited and happy mom frenchie. Now right away I knew, based on the Gucci Man, that this female French bulldog was less that award winning. She was skinny, tall, very energetic, and had a tongue like a frog, stretching out a clear 10 inches trying you lick everything in sight. Now we were so excited about the puppies that we quickly overlooked mom’s clear issues. The breeder runs upstairs and returns moments later with a little of perfect little white and black frenchie pups. Now these little guys were only 6 weeks old, so they were so small and innocent. There were 5 males and 2 females. I immediately was drawn toward the chunkiest male, he was a real porker and had the sweetest temperament. But we had decided before, that we were going to get a female. Now the choice was made for us. Out of the two females, one had a heart murmur, and the other was healthy. Now the breeder did warn us, that the healthy girl had a stubborn attitude and was whiny and loud. We didn’t think anything of it. The next moment I say, “great, we’ll take her, when can we come back to pick her up?” The breeder responds with “she’s on solid food, why not take her now.” At that moment we should have kissed Bella and that breeder goodbye. You see I did not know that taking a puppy away from the litter prematurely, causes serious instinctual setbacks. Instead, we handed over the cash, loaded the puppy in the crate and hit the road…..      

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