“How I Met Your Dog”

I have decided to “blog” my dog. Sounds kind of painful, but I assure you, no animals were hurt in the production of this blog. People who know me, and even people who don’t, know that I love dogs. I used to love cats until my dog was diagnosed with a severe allergy to them. Sounds funny, but its true, she breaks out in hives, loses fur, and is so itchy it would make having flees feel like a massage. I feel bad for her, she looks abused, but she is always as happy as can be. That is one thing we did right when she was a puppy, we made sure she was happy. Now for those of you who have a dog with allergies, you will understand, and those who don’t may not. In fact I know you won’t. You can sympathize, but you won’t understand. To get a true perspective I will have to start this story from the beginning, the true beginning, because if it wasn’t for Gucci, we never would have brought Bella home. This will begin a blogging tale so aptly called… “How I Met Your Dog”.

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