How I met Your Dog(s)

It was October 2007, we had just moved into our house that August and my wife was already asking for a dog of her very own. I can not lie, I am a sucker for dogs, I love everything about them, even the poor mannered ones. When she asked, or rather told me, that we were getting another dog I did not object. We discussed the breed of dog we wanted and its role it would play within the household. Did we want a large dog? No, we live in a small house. Did we want a high energy dog? Maybe, summers are always fun playing at the beach, but we both work too much to get to the beach 2 hours a day. Did we want a smaller dog? Something hypoallergenic? Did we want to adopt? All of these questions were swiftly answered and the same conclusion kept creeping up… Gucci is perfect; we should just get another Gucci dog. Lots of love, medium energy, well behaved, healthy, entertaining, and well suited for our life style. And so it shall be, another Frenchie, but this time we wanted a puppy. Why a puppy you might ask? Well for the life of me I can’t remember, Gucci was adopted and he was perfect, so why did we need a puppy. Oh, now I remember, because puppies are sooooooooo cute. Cute my ass. Puppies are a pain, they wine, the pee in the house, they chew, but I am getting ahead of myself, sorry. Where was I? Puppies. We argued for a few days over the color and sex of the dog we wanted and ended up with deciding on female, with white. Now that the decision had been made, finding puppies is easy, or so I thought back then. We went where most people get there puppies these days, Kijiji and let me tell you a bit about that….

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