I'm not the only one...

It's so sad that a 50th anniversary was what it took for me to realize how many other Corrie fans there was in the World!  Growing up my Mom always watched Coronation Street, never missing an episode.  For those of you who don't know, Coronation Street holds the record for the longest running Brittish soap opera and is watched by roughly 775 000 Canadians on CBC nightly.

For me personally I started watching it in about 10 years ago.  At first I really didn't care for it but after a couple episodes I found myself, like every other Fan, falling in love more and more with the characters and wanting more.  From that moment on I've been addicted and have shared my addiction with my wonderful Husband, who now too is a huge Fan. 

Being that the 50th Anniversary just passed, there was a program dedicated to why Coronation Street was so popular in Canada.  And everyone resounds the same answer, because its about real people that are easily to relate to, unlike American soap operas. 

So keep your eyes peeled, because happening all over Canada is parties at local pubs celebrating peoples love for Coronation Street, and very soon Rock and I hope to host one of our very own. 

Here's to another 50 years of Corrie!

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