Interior Design for Your Home

Hello Everyone, this week's blog is on interior design.  

I just came back from Georgian Collage where I attended the Decorating & Design Expo.  It was hosted by the students in Interior Design and Kitchen & Bath design courses. Free admission and parking! Can't beat that.

The guest speaker was Karl Lohnes, design expert on Canada AM and one of the top design experts in Canada.

I listened to him intently as he was quite an elegant speaker and engaged his audience.  He had many interesting points that I will happily share. You may be thinking about moving home or just moved into a new home, or just curious about what points an interior designer would make if they came into your home.

If you have an area rug make sure that it is big enough the front legs of chairs/sofas are resting on it, most area rugs are too small.  If your area rug is too small for this you can put a plain larger rug underneath to extend the size.  Colour matching as to not detract from your smaller area rug.

Hang your pictures 66" from the floor to the middle of the picture.  This will make the picture hang not too low or too high on the wall.

Over Sofas, tables counters and chairs, hang your pictures 8" to 10" above them.

When dressing your windows think of blinds as being part of the window and drapes as begin part of the room.  When you move the blinds most likely will stay behind and the drapes may go with you.  Match the drapes into the colour scheme of the room and match the blinds to colour of the windows, e.g.: your walls are green, your drapes are a shade of a matching green.   Your windows are white your  blinds are a soft shade of grey or taupe.  This will ensure that the windows are dressed and also blend in with your decor.

These are just a few of the tips, next week I will have more!

Stay tuned....

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