Keeping Safety in Mind - Getting your Home Ready for Sale

Prior to listing a home for sale, I come in and advise the Client on things that need to be done before the house is promoted and advertised.  Some people have a tough time understanding the concept of less is more…
Generally, I do not ask them to remove all the traces of their personal lives, I leave the religious artifacts alone, unless I am faced with little shrines in every room, and most of the time I do not ask them to adjust their daily routines.

But I always ask them to remove all the pictures of their children from display.  If the pictures are on the wall, and the Client is concerned about the leftover holes, I will ask to place something else on that wall, instead.

The simple reason for this is the safety of their children.

About 90% of Buyers start their search online those days. I know that and that’s why most of my marketing strategies involve the Internet and custom web page advertising for every home that I’m selling.

I get their home advertised online in as many places as possible, always searching for new avenues.

Great majority of Buyers will not look at the listing without pictures. I take lots and lots of pictures and create a descriptive custom web page for each listing.

Since I know how to get those pages into first positions on Google searches, my listings and my pictures are not lost among millions of other pages, mine can be easily found.

Those pictures are available online 24 hours / 7 days a week, anyone in the world has access to them.

Now imagine, having the pictures of your young daughter hanging on the wall, easily viewed, together with your street address.

To me it is an invitation for trouble.

With so many kids being kidnapped, assaulted or even killed, why would you want to send an announcement like that out to the world?

“Here! In this house, on this street, lives a beautiful, sweet pre-teen with blue eyes. Come and get her!”

My skin crawls when I think about the kinds of sick people who use the Internet for evil and harm. So next time when you want to argue with your Realtor about those family pictures on your walls or on the sofa table… think hard about what sort of message you may be sending out into the world.

Remember, we do work for you, and we do have your best interest in mind.

Keep your Families and your homes safe from harm and tragedy with smart editing of your personal belongings on display.

If you would like advice on how to get your home ready for sale, or would like to find out what the market conditions are in your area, be sure to give me a call. I will be happy to help.  705-794-6482

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