Kite Day at the Park

The other evening I was practicing letters and sounds with my grandson and when we got to the letter "K" for kite, he said "I want a kite". Yesterday I had a few minutes before my next appointment so I stopped at a local shop and found a kite. When I gave it to him he was so excited, immediately he was asking Dad to go fly. Off they went to the park, my Son-in-law took a video on his phone of Aadyn laughing away as he flew his kite. A simple activity brought such joy to a little boy. I truly believe it is the simple things in life that make a difference to people. I conduct my business with that ideal. I am so blessed to live and work in Simcoe County, we have an abundance of outdoor activites suitable for all families and all ages. We have Lake Simcoe, parks, ice rinks, local ski resorts, hiking trails, great community centers, the list goes on and on. If you are looking for a great community for your next home, consider Simcoe County.

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