Lack of Supply In Real Estate is Driving Pricing

The low supply of affordable housing for the average buyer in the current market, in my opinion, is what is driving pricing in the current Barrie Market. $301,394.00 was the average price, which is up 5% from last year. Price pointing is key and the understanding of what buyers have to spend. A sellers best chance for a sale at maximum value for the property is achieved for a variety of reasons. Ignoring the big picture can inevitably put less money in your pocket. Area sales and buyer affordability are just a few things needed to be taken into consideration. A personal consultation, is of hugh benefit to all buyers and sellers in the current market. Assistance from a local professional is the key to success. There is Value in an honest opinion. If you are looking for honesty and would like to chat about today's market, and are open to advice I'd be happy to talk to you. Take care and have a great day. C

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