Laundry Luxury

Laundry rooms are so much more today than the dingy room hidden in the corner of the basement we grew up with.  Moving to main or upper floors, laundry rooms are becoming a family gathering place where the routine task takes on a whole new look.  First of all, modern laundry rooms are equipped with state of the art washers and dryers that can calculate and dispense the proper amount of detergent and function on predetermined schedules to save water and energy.  Aside from the bells and whistles, the new laundry room includes a desk where parents can help childred with homework while removing stains or folding clothes.  A television flanks the wall so Mom or Dad can watch the latest episode or their favourite show without having to transport laundry throughout the house.  Exquisite cabinetry, shelfing, oversized sinks and even dob-baths round out the features found in the modern laundry room.  Who says laundry is a boring chore?

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