Making Good Real Estate Decisions

I found a great article online authored by Scott McGillivary of HGTV entitled “How to Make a Smart Real Estate Purchase” and thought it would be a great article to share with my readers, as it outlines his “top five tips for making a smart real estate purchase so you don’t get burned!” A brief overview of these five tips are given below:

  1. Stay on Budget – it is important to have a plan and be realistic about what you can afford to pay for your new home – it is wise to not just think about what you can afford to pay for a mortgage, but also to think about your lifestyle and how much you spend monthly on things you enjoy doing.
  2. It is Okay to Walk Away – Always have a home inspection done and if you can’t afford the house and/or can’t afford to fix it – find another house.
  3. Consider Every House – if you see a house online and it is in the neighbourhood you want and is in your price range, arrange to see it – you never know how the house truly looks until you see it for yourself.
  4. Consider Your Purchase of a Home Over the Long-Haul – a mortgage can lock you in for a certain time period – if you think that you may not want to be in a certain home for the next five years, you may want to consider looking at alternatives.
  5. Get The Opinions of People You Trust – purchasing a home can be a very emotional process – advice from those you trust can keep you on the right track.

I hope these few tips help make your home purchase more rewarding – to read Scott McGillivray’s full article online please click here.

If you or someone you care about is thinking of making a move or if you just want some general information about the Real Estate market in your area, please don’t hesitate to give me a call, I would love to talk to you!

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Lucio Bortoluzzi

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