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Let's face it, we'd love to stay in our homes indefinitely rather than live in a nursing home wouldn't we?  Did you know there are simple ways to make your home more accessible?  Here are some upgrades you can make to your home to make living much more comfortable and safer, plus the government offers subsidies for these changes too!



For many people can be a challenge.  Here are some alternatives.

1.  Put an anti-skid strip on the stairs to prevents slips

2.  Add a safety railing or secure an older railing to prevent falls.


3. Another product is "Stair Steady" to help seniors use the stairs.



4Convertible is an inexpensive way to convert stairs to a ramp and back.  Good for indoors and outdoors.


5. Portable Ramp

You can build or buy a ramp for indoors and out to assist with stairs.



6.  Lastly the Stairlift Chair


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