Midland Century -21 office "helps out"

 Last night our Midland C-21 office hosted our 2nd. Spagetti  supper at the" Out of The Cold" program at Knox Church.[last night Mar.24th was cold....!!]  Approx 35people showed up;some homeless,some between jobs, some cold and lonesome.The crowd was mainly male with a few ladies too. We provided and served up  plates of piping hot homemade spagetti and fresh dinner rolls...there was a big birthday cake shared as well ! The looks of gratitude and personal "thank you's" said it was a success in food and fellowship..

   Our small office shared in the food costs and it's preparation and serving in the church downstairs kitchen. It wasn't a big deal in cost or time  but it sure seemed to please some hungrey people last night.

  We urge you as individuals or groups from where you work, to get involved in this type of worthwhile project...there is a need for it within your community...and the satisfaction you get from "giving a little back" feels pretty good....

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