Moving can be Stressful! Tips to make it easier!

Hello all! This blog is all about moving day and making it easier... 

For those of us that moved our abode even once, moving day as we know can be so stressful!  I have some helpful tips to make it less so.   I can't take all the stress out but taking care of some things before the big day will aid the ease of the it.

Make sure you have moved all your utilities to your new home, gas, electrical, cable, etc...and get final readings!

When packing up boxes mark them to the appropriate room they are going to and tag furniture also.

Contact the post office and change your address to the new address starting that day so you will not lose any mail in transit.

Contact significant personal and business contacts the give them the new address and phone(if that changes).

Wake up early on moving day and eat a good breakfast!

Dress in comfortable clothes because it's going to be a long day!!

Don't forget to charge your cell phone.

Keep in mind you will have to eat through the day, do you have a cooler handy with snacks or does Tim's call your name?

You will most likely want to clean after the movers leave so make sure that time is figured into your day and you have cleaning products, vacuum, broom, dust pan, garbage bags, and anything else you may need to take care of the final sweep.

Take all personal documents and jewellery with you, don't send them with the movers.

Confirm the route to the new place.

And my final suggestion is make a list, include important phone numbers, inventory of boxes and furniture, and maybe what duties are assigned to who.

For all those moving now or in the future I hope this will list will help make you day easier and less stressful...and if you have a good tip I missed, please post it in the comments.  I am always looking for great tips to pass on the clients and friends!

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