Questions to ask when you buy a new home in Ontario

Buying a new home is very exciting but it can also become frustration if you do not know the questions to ask the builder.  Here are a few that I think are necessary.

1.  Have the offer reviewed by your lawyer.

2.  Check that your depoist is insured.

3.  Be very Clear on the floor plan and the upgrades you want, in writing.

4.  Discuss wit the builder the location of the furnace, the sump pump and the roughed in bath in the basement.  If you are going to finish the basement in the furture the location of these items is important.

5.  If you do not want support posts in your basement you can request a larger beam to be installed (at a cost of course).

6.  Ask for the basement walls to be stud wall finished with the insulation between the stud walls to the floor (instead of wrapped).  This makes it easier to finish in the future.

7.  Request plywood for the roof (an added cost).

8.  Be very specific about the quality of your upgrades.

9,  Be sure the floors are scewed down to avaid creaks later.

10. Visit the construction site regularly so that you can see the progress of your home!


These are just a few pointers that may be helpful when you are buying a new home.

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