Second Suites are NOW legal in Barrie







Attention Barrie Home Owners....recently the City of Barrie changed the bylaws for basement apartments or "second suites".  This means you can update your basement to rent out to tenants, or have a loved one live with you and it is legal.

Why this change?  The City of Barrie is making efforts to provide more affordable housing to residents and by legalizing second suites this cuts down on the number of illegal suites that don't meet safety codes.

The new bylaw covers all of Barrie except the Georgian College area - they have their own set of bylaws for  student housing.

Some Barrie residents are concerned with the impact of increased renters in their areas as numbers are expected to rise.  However, Mayor Jeff Lehman assures residents that this change won't impact neighbourhoods much.

Are you considering renovating your home to add a second suite?

Please visit the City of Barrie website to ensure you have all of the information on how to Register a Second Suite, and ensure your home meets all of the safety codes.

If you would like more information on setting up a second suite, feel free to contact me as I am available to help you with this change.

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