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When the urge for a home colour makeover becomes more than a passing fancy, it’s a good sign it’s time to pay attention to your feelings!

Colour is a powerful tool, communicating to us in ways as recognizable as a red flag to a bull or as silent as white noise. Most of us know we have feelings about colour, but interestingly, we are not always aware where the feelings come from and how to interpret them into “happy palettes” for our homes. What’s more, we’re often fooled into believing that the answers to our challenges are in the latest trends. However, there’s much more to getting our colours right than you might realize…

So where do you go for help? Back to your instincts… let nature be your guide, because no matter what your preference, you can rely on nature’s great colour sense whatever the canvas!! Mother Nature knows what combinations go together in what proportions and somehow manages to keep it fresh and changing. Trust the feelings she imparts in you.

Getting in touch with your natural colour feelings could be one of the greatest gifts you give yourself, because getting it right makes everything feel better.



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