Simple Tips to Ease your Barrie Construction Woes

Gosh it's construction season again, and Barrie city workers are busy improving our roadways.   Although this is a good thing, it can reap havoc during our daily commute.


What  can you do to ease your construction woes?  Here are a few simple tips.


1.  Plan ahead. 

This includes giving yourself extra time to anticipate delays and re-routes. 


2.  Be informed.

The City of Barrie has a link that maps out where the latest construction is taking place, and road closures.

Check out the link:

Or call 511 for latest road closures


3.  Don't speed.

Construction areas have a lower speed limit for a reason, mainly the safety of the workers.  Drivers who fail to slow down could be facing double fines in this zone!


4.  Be patient.

Probably the number one tip of them all.  


More important links:

Interactive Map of road closures

Highway closures

Highway 400 construction

Ontario 511

Barrie Go Transit


If you find this blog helpful feel free to forward to family, friends or post on your social media.  Have any tips to share feel free to contact me.

Drive Safe!




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