Smoking in your home = Lost revenue on selling.

It won't come as a surprise to most people that trying to sell a home where a smoker has lived, is more difficult than selling a home where there have been no smokers.  Smoke gets into carpeting, drapery, walls and ceilings.   Many times I have taken buyers out to view homes and when we walk into a home that has even a slight smoke smell, the potential buyers turn around and walk out before seeing all of the home.  Cleaning with vinegar, ammonia, or baking soda helps temporarily but smoke smell embedded in walls and carpeting will require a more permanent solution.

The loss of revenue is even harder to tolerate when the home in question is a rental property that you are counting on to appreciate in value.  The linked article deals with the issue of removing a tenant  who smokes when a no smoking clause is part of the lease.

 This blog is not meant to condemn smokers.  On the contrary I have lived with a smoker and they do not realize the damage they are doing plus it is incredibly hard to quit.  This knowledge does not help however, when you are on the receiving end of a "low ball" offer on your home because of smoke odour.  If you are selling a rental property or any property where there is smoke odour there are things you can do to significantly reduce the damage

If you have a property that needs to be sold with a challenge such as a smoke odour,  pet odour or water damage please call me.  I can help.


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