Social networking aids warranties!

Two recent experiences have opened my eyes to the new normal in product warranties. Fiskers makes a wonderful tool called a deluxe weed remover. I had used mine for a couple years rather than use chemicals to get rid of dandelions, thistles and plantain. Unfortunately one of the stainless steel claws stopped working. I considered buying a new tool when I saw the original package in my garage. It states "25 year warranty". I was used to jumping through hoops and filling out forms and spending hours on the phone when attempting to make a warranty claim with most companies hoping I'd just give up. This time I went to Fiskars website and sent an email explaining the problem and attaching a photo. I was informed that they would look into the claim and let me know within a week if it was valid. Much to my surprise and delight a courier showed up unannounced a few days after with a brand new tool!
My daughter got a brand new Kobo Touch for Christmas but it unfortunately got damaged somehow. I convinced her to investigate the warranty. We still had the original bill and after she called them and sent a photo of the bill and the damaged reader, they said they would let her know if the warranty would be honoured. Once again much to her surprise and delight a new Kobo showed up by courier unannounced.
I got to thinking, perhaps these companies were going to great lengths to keep us consumers happy for a reason. The old adage, satisfy a hundred customers no one hears about it, upset one and the whole world hears came to mind.
With social networking a complaint, justified or not, can go around the world before a company can exercise damage control.
As consumers we have a modern voice that companies have noticed. Fiskars and Kobo are two examples of great companies that pay attention to their customers and protect their public image!

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