Summer Water Safety in Barrie - What you NEED to know

Enjoy the summer safely...

Courtesy of the Canadian Red Cross, here are some simple and common sense guidelines to stay safe all summer long.

  • Take a Red Cross swimming program.  This also includes life saving emergency skills.


  • Know First Aid & CPR


  • Always supervise your children.  Turning your head for a few seconds is often all it takes for a small child to disappear under water.  This includes bath tubs as well.  If you have to leave the area for any reason, bring your child with you.


  • Enforce life jackets for non swimmers.


  • Non swimming adults should choose pools and beaches with a qualified Lifeguard.


  • Empty small pools after use. 


  • Don't rely on older children to monitor younger children.


  • Avoid diving in shallow areas or bodies of water with unknown depths.


  • Even seasoned swimmers, and adults can drown.  Don't underestimate powerful currents.


For more information on water safety here are some helpful links:

Red Cross Swimming Lessons

First Aid & CPR

Boating Safety


Have fun this summer, and stay SAFE!  Send your comments or forward this Barrie Blog to your friends and family.


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