Summer is Here!

Summer is here! I didn't come soon enough for me, I love the hot weather, I love no boots, no mitts, no snow shoveling, and all the other things winter brings.  

Spring/summer is gardening, taking care of the lawn, sitting on the deck and BBQ's.  

I do plant some flowers but over the years I have gravitated towards herbs.  Most are perennial and come back every year, they look and smell wonderful and the added bonus of cooking with them.

I freeze them at the end of the year in water and a little bit of olive oil in ice cube trays so all winter I have fresh herbs to cook with.

This spring/summer when you are preparing your garden, think about a herb or two.  You will find, as I did, that knowing that all you have to do to get some fresh basil, oregano or mint is step outside and into your garden!  It is wonderful for anyone who cooks!

Enjoy this wonderful time of the year, get outside and garden.

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