Surviving a small space

Today, more and more, people are opting for smaller spaces to live in.  There are a few factors that keep coming up that affect this decision for people.

The cost of running a bigger house including the amount of the property taxes and the cost of the utilities.  There is also the other practical things such as the time it takes to maintain the yard and clean the house.   People are busy!  Work, kids and finding time for the much needed relaxation! There is now a popular show on HGTV "Tiny Houses, Big Living" which reflects the growing popularity of this type of home.

I have put together a few ideas for those of you how are contemplating this move.  

Everything must have a spot to always be in.  When you are looking at the new small space you are going to be moving to, take the time to decide what will go where when you move in, what will fit.

After you have moved in, put the items you use the most front and center!  A big time saver.

Stay or go?  That is the question!  What can you live without?  Be brutal, most of us carry around stuff from home to home that we never even look at.  Think of it this way, someone out there may need that item you haven't looked at or used in 5 years and they can't afford to buy it brand spanking new.  Off they go to the local recycling shop,Sally Anne let's say, and there it is for a fraction of the cost new.  Don't you feel good about that, you have done your part to help someone else!

The next thing to do is maximize the space you have and this means getting creative with storage.  Under the bed or couch, extra wall shelves which are shallow(this allows you to find things quickly) and perhaps framing a doorway.  How about putting a hidden compost bin right on the countertop in the kitchen area with small garbage and recycle under the counter? You could put a  drying rack for clothes that folds down from a window(looks from the outside like a shutter).  Hanging some things from the ceiling may be an option(pots and pans?) and under the stairs can be an excellent place for storing.  

These are just a few ideas but I am sure that when you get into that small space you will come up with great ideas of you own and I would love to hear them!  So let the comments flow!


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