Thanks mom! May 10th 2015

The celebration of Mothers has been around since the ancient Greek and Roman times, where they held many festivals in honour of the Mother Goddesses.

Each year Mother's Day is celebrated around the world - to acknowledge and thank our mother figures.

In North America we celebrate in May and commonly give gifts of flowers, but how ever you want to spend Mother's Day it is up to you.

Did you know.......Mother's Day phone calls spike 37%?  This is higher than any other day of the year.

I like to involve my children in Mother's Day activities.  Here are some ideas for kids creating something special for mom and grandma:

  • home made cards  

  • poems
  • footprint/hand print art  

  • DYI planter with shells and urchins

Many more ideas can be found on sites like Pinterest, Michael's craft store, your local garden centre, and more!

I will be happy if my kids make me breakfast on Mother's Day.  How will you celebrate your Mother's Day?  Feel free to post your ideas to my Barrie Real Estate Blog.

Happy Mother's Day to you and your family!

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