The Best in Home Tech for 2016 Barrie

Want to know what the best home technology gadgets are for 2016?  The results are in.  Here is what home tech experts have to say.


The Best Smart Speaker

The Amazon Echo is a hands-free, voice-enabled speaker that connects to Wifi and can sync with your home network. The reason Amazon Echo is voted the best of 2016 is it's affordable and very efficient.  Simply speak to your Echo and it will control household tasks like turning on lights, tv etc, but can also order a pizza and hail you an uber!  It's like out of a sci-fi movie and for under $200 this tech item can be your new home personal assistant.  ** Not yet sold in Canada but coming soon!


Best thermostat

What makes the Nest Thermometer this year's big winner is it's a "learning" thermometer and quickly adapts to your preferences and change in seasons.  It is affordable and will save the home owner money.  Plus, you can adjust it and monitor it from your smart phone.  You also get an energy saving report each month so you'll see real evidence of energy savings.


The Best Smart Lock

Say goodbye to keys, because the August Smart Lock is easy to install and use.  You can use your smart phone to lock and unlock the door, you can also monitor via your smart phone who comes and goes.  Your door can be locked from anywhere in your home.  Affordable and simple to install.


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