The Latest Smart Home Gadgets You've Gotta See!

Smart Home innovations are rapidly being introduced in the home.  Are you up to date with the latest gadgets?  The Smart Home helps home owners to remain in charge of every aspect of their environment, from temperature, time saving, energy efficiency and more.

Check out these latest devices coming soon!


Lavi - the Smart faucet


What's so great about the Lavi faucet?  It is touchless and delivers hot water on demand but scald proof.

Has a pop out cold water drinking fountain, available in a variety of colours.  Easy installation, and conserves 50% water!

Compared to new faucets on the market, the Lavi is inline with the price.  Approx 229.00


Dyson Eye 360 Robot Vacuum

The first of it's kind.  The Dyson Eye 360 is unlike no other robotic vacuum.  This state of the art vacuum sees the entire room and then plans a cleaning route.  Sensors stop the vacuum from bumping into things.  Dyson quality suction makes it an efficient way to clean.  Can remotely control the vacuum from your smart phone.  Not yet available in Canada, but estimating costs of $1200.  Perhaps it will be the last vacuum you'll ever buy!


Nest - learning thermostat

Keep your home the perfect temperature as your NEST learns from you and your home and programs itself accordingly.

It is energy efficient saving approx 10-15% on heating and cooling bills.  You can easily control from your phone or laptop devices.

Approximately $249 but pays for itself within 2 years from energy savings.


Luna - Smart Sleep mattress

The Luna smart mattress cover monitors your sleep and helps to improve it by sensing your breathing, heart rate, and sleep patterns.

Other features include syncing with your phone and portable devices, temperature adjusting settings for each side of the bed, and wakes you when it senses the right time for your body.

Approx $235.


Nest - Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

The innovative NEST product will test itself each month, and will alert you via your smart phone if their is anything wrong.  In addition you can silence your alarm from your phone for false alarms.

This product is $99 and lasts about 10 years.


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