The Right Way To Complain About Taxes

Now that we are all getting ready to file our Taxes, I came across an interesting article from the Globe and Mail about the right way to make a complaint.

I'm not talking about a complaint, just to complain, but rather, what if the Canada Revenue Agency actually makes a mistake.

Certainly ranting on the phone may not be the best approach.

If you follow these simple steps, you might actually be able to have your taxes re-examined and corrected, if that is what is found to be necessary.

1) Know your rights

2) Be prepared

3) Stay Calm

4) Keep a Record of your Communication

5) Ask the Person on the Other End of the Phone for Their ID

To read the entire article click here. In the article you will find other GREAT links as well.

Happy tax season!

Until next time,
The Jamie Dann Team

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