Thinking of Selling? The Top 10 Items You Should Consider: TIP # 1

Thinking of Selling? The Top 10 Items You Should Consider: TIP # 1

If you are thinking of selling your home there are some key items you have to get through before putting your home up on the open market. Remember your home is likely your largest investment.

Tip #1: Hire a Realtor ®

If you are thinking of selling your home starting the process here is the first step on being successful in Real Estate.

The Realtor® will discuss with you on how the market is in your area; what has been sold, what are the active listings, what has expired, and what is the market value on your home. She/he will discuss their marketing plan, what their costs are, what has been their success in selling in the area, etc. Finding a Realtor® who works in the area will be beneficial to your success.

The Realtor® will also have some great contacts for landscapers, mortgage agents, home stagers, home inspectors, contractors, lawyers, etc. To get your home looking its best before it goes on the market.

When looking for a Realtor® that will work best for you interview 3-5 people to get a good idea what each one has to offer.

Referrals from families and friends are great but educate yourself as well to what Realtor® is working in your area. Not every Realtor® is great for your area.

Key Questions To Ask The Realtor®:

  1. Experience of the Realtor®: Years in the business, How many sales, knowledge of area, do they concentrate in one area, their stats on selling homes, Training and education, etc.
  2. Experience of the Brokerage: How many years have they been in business, track record, etc.
  3. Marketing plan: how has their marking plan made them successful
  4. Cost to sell your home: The cheapest Realtor® is not always the best Realtor®
  5. Awards: Have they or their office received and accomplishments/awards.
  6. Testimonials: do they have any testimonials that they can forward you?
  7. Motivation: Is the Realtor® motivated to sell your home?
  8. Web Presence: Do they have a website? Are they on the internet?
  9. Print Presence: Do they advertise in Print?
  10. Pricing for your Home: The highest price is not always the best to sell your home. The Realtor® will educate you on what price should be the best to sell your home. If you over price your home that will hinder on your success in Real Estate.

Educating yourself will help be successful in Real Estate. Don’t let anyone just list your home. Have a true professional come in that has the right attitude to get your Home sold sooner and for a price you will be very happy with. Finally, make sure you are comfortable with the Realtor® you are working with. If you are not comfortable then that could also hinder on your success.

If you have any questions or are thinking of Selling please contact me! I am very motivated to help you accomplish your goal on selling your home! Let me be your “KEY” in Real Estate!


Michael Soatto-Sales Representative

Century 21 B.J. Roth Realty Ltd. Brokerage

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