Time For Green Thumbs To Come Out Of The Mitts And Into The Gardening Gloves I Think!

This morning as I left home for the office, I took a chance and put my snow shovel away for the year back to its home in the garage! I truly am hoping I haven't jinxed this nice weather we are now finally getting. Really, this winter wasn't so extraordinary as opposed to the past few mild ones, any non snow lovers thoroughly enjoyed. After all, we are Canadian! That being said, I know I am ready to embrace Spring and Summer, I am definitely a sun worshiper.

Now is the time for home owners to get their green thumbs out of their winter mitts and back into the gardening gloves. Spending time manicuring yards and gardens really does add to the curb appeal of your home. Raking, Spring fertilizer, some grass seed and a little elbow grease can get  lawns looking great so we can all put this never ending winter behind us! Moving into a drink on the patio season is now upon us.

If you are thinking of buying or selling, please contact me today!

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