Tips for Planning a Home Renovation

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Well, spring is now upon us and for many people thoughts go to planning home renovations. If you are planning a home renovation, there are important things the Ministry of Consumer Services wants you to keep in mind to help you make smart choices and protect yourself.

Find a good contractor: Ask friends, family or neighbours who have had work done on their homes recently. Avoid contractors who offer a cash deal – without a receipt you have no proof of payment. Don’t be pressured into signing a contract “on the spot” in order to get a “special deal”, take your time and make a well informed decision. Set aside time to interview each contractor in order to determine their qualifications and their experience. Always ask for references and take the time to contact them!

Get an accurate estimate: Arrange to get estimates from at least three contractors who should meet with you personally in order to have a clear understanding of the work you require so they can give you an accurate estimate. Make sure you get everything you agree to in writing, including the total cost of the renovation which should take into account what is included in the price quoted and what is not (materials, parts, labour, permits, etc). It is also important to know the terms of the warranty for all work that is going to be done. In terms of financing, keep deposits to 10 percent – NEVER pay for the job before all of the work is completed – ALWAYS keep a holdback (around 10 percent) until the work has been completed to your satisfaction.

Sign a contract: Always read the fine print (the terms and conditions) before you sign a contract with your contractor and NEVER sign a blank contract. Make sure all of the work to be done is addressed in the contract. ALWAYS get a written contract before the work begins and make sure it includes the name, phone number and address of the contractor, and the full name of the person who provided the estimate.

The Ministry of Consumer Services’ website provides lots of great information and tips regarding home renovation and repair, to view please click here.

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