Tips for a Fun Camping Trip!

Welcome to all my returning readers and my new readers!  Thank you for taking your time to read my blog, I appreciate the support!

Going to veer off of real estate this week and talk about something I recently discovered and found that I loved, camping!... who new?

I was never one to camp and until last year I never thought I would be.  My first real camping trip was with my husband Martin, hello honey!, last summer.   Off we went to Lake Superior Provincial Park.  We stopped and  camped on the way north  at the Chutes campground which is just north of Manitoulin Island.  I would highly recommend both camp grounds, neither was overly busy, it was July, and the camping sites were easy to access.  At Lake Superior we were right on the lake...beautiful!

 I loved it! It was fun, the scenery was beautiful and  the weather as we went further north colder and colder but that did not take away great adventure.

So this year before I go again, I looked up some quick tips and thought I would share them with my readers.

These tips are from Parks Canada and you can find more details on their website.

1.  Reserve your campsite ahead of time, you don't want to show up after a long day and find no room at the inn!

2. Use a checklist.  Put everything you can think of on it, do you need a can opener? a corkscrew?, TP? Write it down before you pack.

3  Pack the right stuff.  This is everything from the right tent, sleeping bags, flashlights and do you need water proof matches?

4. Make sure  your have enough food.  Is it easy to prepare? Did you get some food ready at home just to through on the BBQ or campfire?

5.  Pack a first aid kit.  Always be safe.  Are you going to a remote area where you may need bear spray?

6.  Bring stuff to do.  Board games, cards, a camera and maybe a journal to write down all your experiences.

These are of course basic tips but there are lot's of helpful tips and great advice online for  your camping adventure! 

Happy camping and as always I encourage comments, so any helpful tips you may have that I left out please let us all know!


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