Tips on Hiring a Home Contractor Barrie

Are you planning a home renovation project but not sure who to call?  Looking for a local home contractor can be a daunting task.  Who to hire?  What to look for?

Here are some simple tips on where to start. 


1.   Ask family and friends for recommendations

2.  Get at least 3 quotes in writing from 3 companies to compare.

3.  Set a clear budget

4.  Check references

5.  Visit the BBB website for reviews or complaints.  Also see the consumer beware list below.

6.  Is the contractor certified, insured?  Ask to see documents

7.  Do you need a permit?  Find out if your contract will provide this or will you?

8.  Is clean up included in the quote? 

9.  Does the contractor offer a warranty?


Be wary.  A contractor should be professional and well prepared. 



- Never accept a quote over the phone.  Always get it in writing.

- Do not change your plans during the renovation, this will cost more.

- Never pay for a job in full unless it is complete.  A deposit of around 10% should be enough to get started.

- Be sure the quote included the contractor's contact information.

- Get receipts in writing. 


Helpful links:

Consumer Beware List

Home Renovation Scams

Consumer Protection Act


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