What is the CMHC?

Did you know that the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation's  (CMHC) website is FILLED with tons of interesting articles?

The CMHC was developed as a government owned corporation in 1946 to address Canada's post-war housing shortage. Since then, the agency has grown into a National institution providing many mortgage loan insurance policies.

On their website, you can find many interesting articles about purchasing, maintaining, and renovating a home, as well as the obvious information about mortgages. They even have a great series of articles entitled "Home Buying Step by Step".

What we have also found really interesting is their Canadian Housing Observer which contains a yearly report of just about any statistic regarding housing trends and conditions, and outlines key factors that influence Canadian markets... To check out the Canadian Housing Observer for 2010 click here.

There is too much information contain in the CMHC's website to talk about here, but do take the time to explore it by clicking here.

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The Jamie Dann Team

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