Tips on Organic Pest Control in Barrie

There are many natural and organic ways to ward off pests without harm.  Try some of these easy tricks in your home and garden.


Insects:  on plants

Use a spray bottle with dish soap and water.  Will not harm your plant or the environment.  Safe for indoor and outdoor plants.


Insects:  indoors

If you've noticed ants or spiders coming into your home you can apply any of these items to the area that the insects are entering ie: front door.

Insects hate the odor of cinnamon, mint, citrus oil, tea tree oil and cayenne pepper.  You can sprinkle the spices or use a water bottle with water and essential oils.

Safe for your family and pets.


Mosquitos:  this year more than ever we might try to reduce the impact of mosquitoes without applying harmful toxins to our bodies.

Ensure you don't have any stagnant water around your home.  Mosquitoes breed in those areas.

An organic solution called Herbal Armor is safe and effective.  Mosquitoes hate the herbs sage, rosemary, and lemongrass.  You can use essential oils and create a handy spray.  Safe to use on your clothes and body.


Wasps:  they can be very aggressive even when unprovoked.  A natural way to deter wasps is buy a paper nest.  This deters wasps from building a nest near you.

Also glass traps are very effective.  You can hang it and wasps will enter and die. 


Again avoid using pesticides in your garden as it is destructive to bees, and harmful to pets and the environment.  For more information visit these helpful sites.

Natural Insect Control

Earth Easy


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