Top Places to Cool Off in Barrie

We hope you're enjoying this heat wave, but if you're looking for a place to stay cool we've got the answers.

The extreme temperatures and high humidity are hard on everyone, especial the young, old, and pets.

There are many free place to cool down in Barrie. Here are our top suggestions.

Barrie Beaches - always open, always refreshing and cool. Visit our best beach suggestions, like Centennial Beach. Equipped with lifeguards, bathrooms, and changing rooms. Close to all amenities.

Johnson's Beach - just north of Centennial Beach. This beach is quieter if you prefer less crowds.

Minet's Point - also a great beach for the family. 

Splash Pads - two locations, north and south.

Splash On Water Park - inflatable water fun!

Indoor Pools - check out the indoor pool at Allandale, East Bayfield, or Holly Rec. Centres.


Remember that infants and pets can quickly overheat. Be sure to pack plenty of water when outdoors, and never leave a child or pet in a hot car.



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