Everyone's A Critic! Here's Your Chance to be Once & Possibly Win 21,000 Air Miles in the Century 21 Canada Home Critics Contest!

Sheesh! Everyone's a Critic! But if you collect Air Miles you can win 21,000 Air Miles by being one!

We Canadians share many similarities across this great land. We're kind, considerate, and heaven knows we're polite. However, according to some polling that Century 21 Canada has been conducting, we have some interesting regional differences in the way we prioritize features when looking for a new home.

In Quebec, the number one motivation for buying a home is to "have a home of my own", while out in the Bread Basket of the Prairies, Canadians said that their primary home buying motivation is to "adjust to a new stage in life".

Interestingly (and somewhat disappointingly from my perspective) are the results here at home in Ontario. Apparently we cosmopolitan Ontarians are turned off by dated flooring and old furniture.


Hmmm... I really thought we were better at looking beyond the superficial to see the true beauty and potential in a home. Must be all the busy Toronto buyers without enough time to get a bid in on a house, let alone take in a few episodes of Property Brothers. Just kidding, Toronto. I ask you, what would Ontario do without the Big Smoke? Come on T.O. let's look beyond the surface... I love you, Hogtown, and don't want to blame you for bringing Ontario to a superficial level, but really, the rest of the country didn't vote that way... Coincidence, I think not...

Anyway, if you'd like to enter the Canadian Home Critics contest for a chance to win 21,000 Air Miles, and you can take a fun little quiz to find out what kind of critic you are, and join in Century 21 Canada's cross country survey specific to Canadians and their buying priorities, just click on this link:  CanadianHomeCritic21000AirMilesContest... Although I'm can't enter the contest, I did do the quiz and guess what? I'm a DIY Pro!

Anyway, a bit of fun on this rainy October day!

Don't forget your umbrella!



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