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When families move to a new area they often times look into what schools are available to ensure that their children have the best educational and learning opportunities possible. Here is a handy list of the schools in Bradford, Ontario as of 2014, with links to their individual websites.

Their websites are a great opportunity to get to know things like each school's educational culture, athletics programs, community involvement, special education and course calendars (for secondary schools) to name a few. Have a look at Bradford's Elementary Schools or High Schools and see what they have to offer. 

If you are already a Bradford resident; locate your children's school and bookmark the page if you haven't already. This is a great way to check in online. Many Bradford school websites include a parent's section where resources can be found that provide parents with tools and guides to help them help their child (or children) succeed academically. 

Looking for an easy school locator tool to find out what elementary school or secondary school boundaries are?School Locator tool Elementary Secondary Schools

Click here for more information on school boundaries in York Region, Simcoe Region or Toronto. 


Bradford Schools

Bradford is home to 11 schools including two post-secondary schools. Click on the name of any of the schools below to view their websites. 

Bradford Elementary Schools

Bradford Post Secondary Schools

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