Spring clean-up- Patio

Outdoor entertainment is an essential component of the warm weather season for most canadians, where soaking up the sun and backyard barbecues with friends become a ritual. Over the course of the winter your patio or deck may have experienced some wear and tear. If it is aging, it may need maintenance work to improve it's appearance.

Before starting, figure out what your patio needs and stock up on the neccessary materials. Many patios are poured concrete and a simple pressure wash may be all that's needed. A presssure washer can be purchased or rented. If there are cracks in the patio, some minor patchwork can be done by purchasing a fast dry patching kit, however, if the patio is damaged from aging beyond repair, it may be time to replace the patio or cover it with different material such as wood or composite decking. If you already have a wood or composite deck, pressure washing, restaining, painting or replacing faulty boards may be needed

Don't forget, it's also important to wash your patio furniture and cushions to give a refreshing look. Do this on a sunny, warm day, allowing the cushions to to dry adequately so they won't develop mildew or mold.

A barbecue will be a nice finishing touch , once you've spent the time outside on a warm, sunny day tending to your patio or deck. Sit back, relax and enjoy.