Best Back to School Stores to Check Out Barrie

It's almost time to start thinking of back-to-school and do you want to find great savings and innovative ideas? We did too, so here is our list of recommendations.



This great storage shop has many innovative ideas for packing lunches, keeping salads fresh, storage containers, and gadgets for the school desk and locker. If you haven't been to Solutions yet, you will love this place. They have everything, and at a decent price too.



If you like Ikea style furniture, Jysk is right here in Barrie and has a similar price point on furniture and housewares. You will find some cool back to school items such as a desk, desk lamps, art supplies, and storage bins and containers.



The best place to find paper, pens, and school supplies. Good quality and great savings here, especially if you have more than one child to buy for.


Shoppers Drugmart:

If you have a child going to university or college, Shoppers has great toiletry kit for boys and girls. It contains everything they need at such a great price!


Happy shopping!




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