Keeping Your Garage Safe and Secure Barrie

Is your garage safe from intruders or equipped to handle a fire? Most of us would answer no, or I'm not sure. When it comes to fire and theft, often times it begins in the garage. Here's what you need to know to stay safe all year round.


  • Always lock your garage entry door, especially if it leads to the inside of your home.  This is often how burglars gain entry.
  • Change your garage code a few times a year, and don't give out your code to anyone.
  • Always lock your outside door.


Fire & Carbon Monoxide

  • Ensure your outlets are not overloaded with plugs.  Unplug items over night and when you are away.
  • Never dispose batteries in your garbage can, as these can cause fires. 
  • Look for frayed wires and extension cords.  Replace when needed.
  • Never leave items running in your garage such as space heaters, lawn mower charging.  Always unplug overnight, or when you are away.
  • Never run your car in your garage -- even with the garage door open.
  • Never operate a barbeque inside the garage.


For more information visit the following links:

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