Remove Pet Odours Without Chemicals Barrie

Whether this is your home, or moving into a new home, the smell of pets will often linger.

You may have become used to the smell, but your guests have not.

Let's face it, all pets have an accident here and there.  We try our best to remove it, or mask it but is it really effective?

Here are some odour treatments recommended by the experts.  Give this a try:


According to David Suzuki, white vinegar acts as a great disinfectant, and deodorizer.  Vinegar kills germs and viruses.

1.  For fresh accidents soak up as much as possible, then spray with vinegar and sprinkle baking soda.

Once dry vacuum.


2.  If this is a new home, you can try steam cleaning your carpets and flooring.  This is effective in removing deep rooted stains and odor.


3.  Try the Health Food Store.  They carry a wide range of eco-friendly cleaners and products.  Plus they will also have knowledgeable staff.


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