Stunning Wallpaper Murals You've Gotta See Barrie

If you have a room that you'd really like to stand out or create a magical space, consider a wallpaper mural.

Wallpaper now comes in a variety of patterns, colours, and textures.  It is easier to apply and remove. The imaging is often realistic that you can create a faux background.

Here are some wallpaper murals that really work!


Barnboard & Wood

   959312 AS Creation Dekora Natur 6 Wallpaper, Roll
Red Barn Mural Wallpaper M9220 - 6 Panels  
Brick Wallpaper
Brick Faux Texture Wallpaper, Bolt  
Painted Brick Gray Gray Brick Wallpaper Bolt  
Library Wallpaper Mural


Domestic Down The Rabbit Hole Scenic Wallpaper, 8 Strips   Kaleidascopia Wallpaper
Painted Marble Wallpaper Mural M9253, Teal/Orange, Sample  
So what do you think?  Can you imagine any of these looks in your home?
​Photos by Houzz.
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