Surviving Winter Home Moving Barrie


Some things can't be avoided, and selling your home during the winter is one of them. Although the weather conditions aren't favourable, your selling and moving experience doesn't have to be. Here are some tips to get you through with ease.

Surviving the Showings:

To avoid the wet and sloppy shoes, put out a large mat at your front door. Ensure the showing instructions say, "remove shoes". Have a spare mat to change out when it becomes dirty.

Keep your walkway and stairs clear. You can sprinkle salt or sand to avoid slips and falls.


Surviving Moving Day:

If you are hiring a moving company ensure they will be using runners to lay on your stairs and hallways. If you are doing the move yourself you can rent the runners. They will save on the cleanup afterward!

Keep the hydro on during moving day as it will be cold going in and out of the house. Have an urn of coffee or hot chocolate ready to keep you warm.

Be cautious when driving.


Moving in the winter doesn't have to be a catastrophe, it just takes some pre-planning and organizing. You got this!


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