Winter  can cast a dreary mood over your home, so if you're putting it up for sale at this time of year you'll want to find ways to create a warmer, more inviting atmosphere.  Here are a few suggestions.

Lighten up - Clean your windows, open your blinds and throw back your curtains to take advantage of natural light during daytime showings.  Make sure light fixtures and lamps are dusted off, and confirm all light bulbs are working and glowing invitingly for evening showings.


Turn up the temp - Warm and welcoming starts with physically warming up the home to a comfortable temperature.  If you have a gas fireplace, turn it on for showings and drape cozy throws on living room chairs and couches.


Display springtime potential - Place colorful spring flower arrangements around your home and consider, if possible, displaying pictures of your garden in full bloom, along with other outdoor photos of your home's exterior, taken in better weather, to highlight your landscaping's curb appeal.


Clear the path and roll out the welcome mat - For those living in the wintery climes, selling a house in the winter means being extra vigilant about keeping the walkways and driveway clear of ice and snow, not only aesthetic reasons but also for safety and liability concerns.


*Original source of article - Realty Report, Volume 13, Issue 2

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