You Can Clean Your Home With Just One Ingredient Barrie

Are you a clean freak?  Or perhaps you hate cleaning?  Either way you're going to love this cheap and easy cleaning hack.  Can you guess what one ingredient cuts through grease, grime, water spots, freshens and deodorizes?

Lemons!  For about a dollar, you can clean anything.  

Here is what the experts are saying about lemons.

  • save your lemon peels.  Lemon peels make a great deodorizer.  Toss some into your garbage and composter.
  • cut a lemon in half and rub on the following surfaces:  cutting board, shower doors, faucets.
  • add lemon juice to your dishwasher cycle, polish wood, remove stains.

You can make your own fresh lemon cleaning spray by soaking lemon peels in vinegar for 1 week.  Strain and cut with 1/2 water.  This all purpose spray is eco-friendly and costs only a few dollars.

Want to step up your lemon clean a notch?  Add salt to your lemon piece and remove hard water stains from stainless and copper.

To learn more about DIY eco-friendly cleaning visit the following sites:

How Stuff Works

Farmer's Almanac

Earth 911


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