Sell your home quick!

Every home can sell in 30 days and I can show you how.

No property for sale should be sitting on the market more than 30 days in a real estate market as active as Red Deer's. If your home is currently for sale and it's been on the market more than 30 days you need a new strategy. 

Marketing is important! Your home needs to be in front of as many buyers eyes as possible. The MLS is the ultimate marketing tool for the sale of your home but there are a number of additional strategies that add force.

Pricing is key! In this day and age of the internet and social media you won't be tricking anyone on price. Price competitively and price smart. Waiting month after month won't make your price better. Have a pricing strategy so your home doesn't "sit stale."

Appeal to buyer Realtor! Make them want to show and sell your home. 

There are many addition techniques to make sure your home sells long be for the average time on market. The average days on market shouldn't be how you gauge the sale of your home. The home for sale that sit long enough to stretch the average don't sell. The average days on market is irrelevant. If selling correctly you should be sold long before the "average!"

For compete details on how your home should sell in less than 30 day contact me below.

Blake King

Blake King

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