Is Real Estate Really For Me?

I am a little late posting this, but I wanted to talk about my work day this past Saturday. I woke up early, and got prepared for my two open houses that I was doing for a fellow Realtor/Friend. As I waited for people to pour in, I found myself twiddling my thumbs and watching the clock. Not one person showed up to either of them. That's ok, its happened a few times before. After my quiet open houses, I rushed over to Canadian Tire to collect money for the Hospital walk/run that Century 21 participates in every year. I only had an hour to do so before my next appointment. It was when I showed up to my next appointment that brought me to the title of my blog....

I showed up a bit early and I opened up the doors and turned on the lights. I had already sold this house to my client Debbie who lives out of town, but she wanted to show it to her husband, her daughter and her daughters friend as they didn't get a chance to see it yet. Debbie had told me when we were out looking for houses, that she was going to buy it for her daughter who now lives in North Bay. As they came in, I introduced myself to all of them and Debbie whispered to me that her daughter had no idea they bought the house. We walked around the house, trying to hide the grins on our faces while her daughter excitedly looked around and was in awe with how much she loved the place. After we had finished looking through the house we were standing in the kitchen talking. That's when Debbie asked her daughter if she had liked the place. Her daughter said she absolutely adored it! Debbie then continued to say that they had bought the house for her. She immediately started crying with happiness and they all had a big group hug. Debbie told her daughter they were proud of her and always wanted her to feel safe and to have a roof over her head. They all cried with happiness and Debbie turned around and thanked me for being able to help with the wonderful moment they were sharing. I started tearing up myself, and that's when I realized how much I am in love with my job. Seeing the joy that it brings to my clients faces, nothing can compare. 

Buying a house is such an accomplishment. Whether up-sizing, downsizing, buying a rental property, cottage, your first home or even a house for your family, you should be SO proud of yourself. I want to continue to bring joy to people's faces. Seeing my clients happy motivates me to be an even better Realtor. Thank you Debbie and family for proving to me yet again that the career I have chosen is the absolute right one. I wouldn't trade my job (It doesn't even feel like a job) for anything in the world!