List now or later?

Theres always been a big debate of when the right time is to list your house for sale. 

Let's be honest, we all know that in the market of North Bay and area, the Winter months can be fairly slow. However, this is not always the case! I always say that the Winter months bring about the most serious Buyers. If people are trekking through the snow and the cold weather, they NEED to find a house. This is why I wouldn't recommend taking your house off the market for the Winter and relisting in the Spring. Why take the chance to miss out on opportunities. Everyone's life is constantly changing. Career changes, a growing family, etc and this can happen anytime of the year!

Yes, the market definitely picks up in the Spring. The snow is melting, its getting warmer outside, people can actually see the condition of the outside of homes without the snow covering them up! But what happens when everyone is listing their home at once? More competition for you, and more choice for Buyers. If you ask me, I'd tell you that March would be the ideal month to start listing your property. Beat the rush of spring Sellers. Buyers who are looking to purchase in Spring are already on the lookout! Stand out to them right away. List now, so that these Buyers can move in and enjoy their new home during the summer months. This also gives you, the Seller, time to find suitable accommodations in the Summer/Fall months as well.

The price of your home also has an impact on when you should be listing it. The average sale price in North Bay and area is $228,822 (2015). If you are selling a luxury home, the number of potential Buyers decreases. Those people who would be considering a home like that could be on vacation, etc. 

A lot of the time first time home Buyers will wait until Spring to make a decision so that they have more inventory to choose form but they really are looking all year round. For the most part, these Buyers do not have to think of schools for their children, or other big factors. Most of the time they are looking for a place that is close to work, and everyday amenities. 

Vacation and waterfront properties are probably best to be listed early springtime. Its hard to imagine the lifestyle with snow still on the ground. This also gives Buyers an opportunity, again, to enjoy the summer months in their new home! 

All in all, there really isn't a bad time to sell your home. Pricing your home according to the market, and making sure your home is show ready are two of the most important factors in getting the most money for your home. Don't wait, and get your home listed sooner than later. You wont regret it!